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A Tribute to Antonio Mirabelli

 Antonio Mirabelli Born: February 20th, 1938  Rende, Cosenza Italy. Departed: September 1st, 2021  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I have taken some time to process the loss of my beloved father. A man of great pride and virtue. A family man who loved his family deeply. In turn, that love reciprocated in ways that my words may never fully be able to describe. I will always do my best to honour him.  The emotion captured from dancing with my father on my wedding day reflects my profound love and adoration for him.  My hope is that these beautiful moments fill the holes in my heart over time rather then the painful reminder of watching him decline with our weekly visits to him in long-term care. His suffering from Parkinson's was especially hard for me to accept.  If my father wasn't smiling or laughing, he was singing and dancing. If he wasn't singing or dancing he was joking and if he wasn't joking, he was telling you some colourful story or offering memorable life advice. T

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