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Staying Current & Connected with NM Interiors

In the professional arena, your profile image represents who you are in your business. It's recommended you keep your headshot current every one to two years.  So here I am before the close of 2022 with an updated photo saying hello to coincide with some recent portfolio work that you can now find highlighted on my website .  Still undecided as to whether I prefer the snap fully smiling or not, I'll use both versions on different socials and maybe you tell me what is your fave.   Mostly I'm glad this got done, as I find self-portraits one of my least favourite things to do.  I did put some thought into how I wanted to show up though, as it does matter to me how first impressions reflect upon us.  For some context: My dad always used to say you need to be 'good & lucky' 🍀 this could be my biggest influence in why I love to layer attributes of greens into what I wear & my lifestyle. Green is connected to the wood element; as a Capricorn earth sign anyt

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