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 Working From Home In A Pandemic.  We are well into Fall and I continue to work remotely. At first I thought it could not be done and resisted; I have now adjusted but not without making some adjustments myself. Being within the design industry I do miss the tactile nature of touch and feel that close contact brings, however I do appreciate how resourceful we can still be with technology and gadgetry.  I want to share with you some shifts that I have found through my work discovering the needs of my client's during quarantine times with new projects. Sourcing products that offer solutions to specific needs during days of isolation are new even to myself.  Although, it was clear to me there were some common threads whether it was a 600 square foot condo or a 6,000 square foot house. With these universal common denominators, I shed some light on for you:   #1. Almost everyone complained about lower back pain.  We discovered that they did not have the appropriate desk chair or aids fo

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