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NKBA KBIS LAS VEGAS 2024 - What's Trending!

 A milestone year, celebrating 60 years in show, this event somehow keeps on getting bigger, better and best of all more thoughtful; looking toward the future of design and how we can best serve our clients.  There were more than 630 brands exhibiting at the Las Vegas Convention Center, including 225 new participants. This as always, a great opportunity for myself to discover the latest products, gain essential industry knowledge and hone in on my professional development. Some of the key elements that were expanded upon from previous year were a keen attention to detail through product development and innovation. There was a focus on area's of sustainability, wellness rooted at the core of messaging for a multitude of brands, cutting-edge technology to simplify daily living integrated into new product launches and services, as well as various degrees of personalization and customization that can be applied as you choose for an intimate user experience.  It was truly remarkable for

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