From Las Vegas Market to Toronto: Design Trends to Live By


 Having the privilege of experiencing Las Vegas Market to take in: the magnitude and sheer sensory overload from all the design inspo, the abundance of product knowledge, the multitude of vendors to visit, experts and seminars to be inspired by, it was truly something! It's taken me some time gather my thoughts, information, photos and well, catalog all the catalogues I lugged home.

Imparting some of the most striking universal elements of design that you can source right here in Toronto via NM Interiors when planning your next project is something I am thrilled to share with you now! Just as High Point Market in North Carolina gets under way and of course Salone del Mobile Milano, there is more to get to, eventually!!! For now this is a sneak peak of what I can tell you from Vegas:

Some of the strongest vibes that I predict we will see more and more of in 2023 and beyond when building, renovating or decorating your home begin with plans that are organic. Playing with different shapes, scales and textures as the driver for design aesthetics that are layered and varied is where I see the tide turning. This is very strong with elevations applied in both tile & stone. 

The idea of a somewhat rustic simplicity in nature and utilizing handmade objects as the expression is very much at the forefront of furniture, decor and finish materials unanimously. You will see natural materials, lots of greens and "imperfections"; this means edges and finishes that are irregular in rounding out spaces that feel at ease yet still come together in the common thread that only nature can unite.  


Bringing the influence of the outside in proved to go beyond a pandemic 'lockdown' trend as indoor/outdoor living continuing on strong as very prevalent category. Everything in the décor category mixed exotic woods, grasses, caning and textural elements from textiles to accents felt inspired from the outdoors time and time again even when pieces were meant for indoor use only. 

I also noticed that nods to eras of yesteryear have evolved and fused, so mid-century modern has now elevated to a more Art Deco flair mixed in. Vintage pieces were worked into modern vignettes. The Japanese minimalist aesthetic merged with Scandinavian influences often referred to as 'Japandi' stronger then ever. 

Kohler launched a fun & exciting retro collection of limited-edition colours so fitting to celebrate spring. Warm palettes you could now see in absolutely every display once more against cooler palettes and the token greys.

Green being one of the biggest influences throughout the entire market as not only a literal colour leader, natural resource with plants, succulents, grasses & mosses as a major decor focus; also as a leader in sustainability and eco-conscious development with products. Technology is being married with aesthetics to keep on evolving onto more sophisticated and thoughtful levels.  I believe this to be the future of design and will only keep adapting to improve over time. As a parallel, I hope to continue to grow and expand my knowledge in this wonderful industry and all things fabulous too! NM, Xx


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