Back to School, A New Year!

 My daughter has been around my work since she was a baby. She says she wants to be an architect when she grows up.

Naturally, bringing her along to an onsite meeting with an architect for our very own island build was an opportunity I could not pass up. 

From this one photo, she was at some point either hot & tired in the Caribbean sun or clearly in no mood for my attempted proud mommy-daughter photo op!! 

The bigger picture was that she was able to experience firsthand the many facets of the construction process and interact directly with an architect in real time. My apprentice maintains more than ever she'll have her own architectural design firm one day! I wonder and fully support wherever her journey takes her down the road. 

As we gear up for our last long weekend before back-to-school, I wanted to note that sharing aspects of our own careers and endeavours with our children outside of textbooks teaches valuable life lessons too. I see the dividends of doing so multiplying continuously. 

I look forward to another productive school year ahead. As much as I will always encourage academics, I will also continue to share with my daughter the hands on of "what I do" in my business outside of the classroom knowing that it keeps her inspired, curious and engaged. It's been a great summer. Good luck to all next week! 

May the future be bright for our next generation. NM, Xx 📚✨ 
PS: I realize I haven't written a blog post since a year ago when I wrote a tribute to my dad who passed away. Although I found it to be a heavy, hectic time; I am happy to come full circle, back to building a home on an island that my dad loved so much named in his honour. I hope my daughter learns from this circle of life and carries his legacy on.



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