White is one of the most reflective colours, meaning that is influenced by solar exposures and surrounding environments and tones. So not only are there many variables to consider, but no two whites are created equal!!

These are my "go-to's", the most folded in my Benjamin Moore paint deck of whites to consider for your trims, doors, walls and millwork:

Let's start with CC-40 Cloudy White shall we?  As the name suggests, it's a tad cloudy and that is why I love it. It has a warmer, slightly creamier undertone and so works with just about anything for that very reason. If you have very crisp walls you will get contrast and if you have a warmer palette it is very complimentary as well. It also works well as a wall paint choice. So this is always a very steady option for it's versatility. CC-40 Oxford White is my transitional favourite as it's a cleaner version of Cloud White with less cream and a bit of grey. For cooler preferences, CC-20 Decorator's White, is my favourite choice as it's more grey with blue undertones. 

OC-17 White Dove is one of my favourite soft whites for a space that may have more traditional vibes or millwork with warmer compliments as it has more creamy yellow undertones. OC-57 White Heron is another millwork favourite of mine for a crisp but not too sterile feel that also work nicely as trimwork with off-white walls as it has the slightest blue undertone. OC-117 Simply White is my top pick for anyone looking for that perfect off-white. It has a slight yellow undertone perfect for use in trimwork or cabinets with that bit of warmth that is still fresh and bright. 

The purest and brightest white from Benjamin Moore is OC-65 Chantilly Lace.  It is the most unfiltered and without tint, meaning it will adapt to it's environment and reflect accordingly.  It's often referred to as Benjamin Moore's "best, whitest white" you can get.  You want to think about the overall look you wish to achieve when working with a sharp white like this.

Finally OC-45 Swiss Coffee is one of my favourite warmer whites that is worth noting as a great tinted white for walls and exterior. Alternatively, OC-55 Paper White with grey undertone would be my "go-to" if someone wanted to work within the cooler spectrum for walls or exterior. 

Working with a professional for paint consultation can be a helpful resource to eliminate confusion and hone in on the perfect selections for your home before investing in materials and professional trades to complete the work. For more information or to view my gallery of work visit NM Interiors - I hope my top picks may have given you some insight in the meantime! NM, Xx


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