NKBA KBIS LAS VEGAS 2024 - What's Trending!

 A milestone year, celebrating 60 years in show, this event somehow keeps on getting bigger, better and best of all more thoughtful; looking toward the future of design and how we can best serve our clients.  There were more than 630 brands exhibiting at the Las Vegas Convention Center, including 225 new participants. This as always, a great opportunity for myself to discover the latest products, gain essential industry knowledge and hone in on my professional development.

Some of the key elements that were expanded upon from previous year were a keen attention to detail through product development and innovation. There was a focus on area's of sustainability, wellness rooted at the core of messaging for a multitude of brands, cutting-edge technology to simplify daily living integrated into new product launches and services, as well as various degrees of personalization and customization that can be applied as you choose for an intimate user experience. 

It was truly remarkable for me to note that the desire for products to work smarter, multi-task, simplify and offer remarkable function options absolutely did not at the price of visual aesthetics. In fact, this year I observed the most robust range of colour, sizing and feature configurations for a level of diversity and customization that is very much welcome. 

A few highlights for me in that are a winning combination of technology, style & simplifying daily life for wellness are:

1. GE Profile UltraFast Combo washer and dryer.  How many times have we all forgotten a load in the wash? Not fun right? Well this new product launch allows for a set-it-and-forget-it experience with a large load washing and drying within two hours. The space saving design offers flexibility requiring a regular water hookup and a 120-volt plug. I very much look forward to designing with this model. 

Photo: GE Profile
2. House of Rohl Workstation sinks that wowed! Best Large Booth Winner, a well deserved accolade, I left their booth in awe. I am a fan of all of their lines, however one thing that stood out to me was that sinks are working harder then ever before and House of Rohl had something for everyone. With our lifestyles changing, pretty much all spaces need smart sinks with accessories that perform. The workstation sink is one of most sought-after additions in a kitchen remodel or design build and House of Rohl had many that checked the boxes for style and function. 

Photo: NM Interiors

3. Kohler taking away best overall booth had me lost in their space with everything from their new green colour displays bringing me back to nature, to sustainable product launches, to the stunning Studio McGee production collaboration: truly the epitome of a timeless classic. I was also very interested in the Sprig Shower Infusion System that offers an in-home aromatherapy session while you shower. 

Photo: Sprig by Kohler

Photo: NM Interiors
4. Caesarstone - Honorable Mention Winner at KBIS 2024, I was so happy to see the further expansion of their 12mm porcelain offerings and seeing the variety of sheen and finishes. A very organic display that is a true testament to achieving the feeling of wellness through design materials.  Always have such a great experience with the performance of this brand I look forward to sourcing these new collections in future projects. 

Photo: NM Interiors
Photo: NM Interiors



 5. SKS - Signature Kitchen Suite with it's True to Food philosophy, left me especially inspired at KBIS 2024.  I cannot cannot wait to demo their full product range in greater detail and get this brand into my next design build or reno. I was in the audience for DesignBites where ten brands, small and large presented for the most innovative in design. SKS participated and I tasted the softest, chewiest brownie baked fresh from Chef Nick in the newly launched SKS speed oven that boasts zero warm-up time. How is that for convenience? I was calculating all the time I would save if I had one in my own kitchen.  I continued onto their booth later on in the day and discovered more of their line-up that does many amazing things from recognize your ingredients and suggest recipes, to storing your favourites digitally via app, to being the only built-in sous vide. Yes Please! I definitely asked to be in touch with the Canadian representative. Sign. Me. Up. 

Photo: SKS

Here's to the future of kitchen and bath being bright for building and remodeling!  I have already marked next year in my calendar. NKBA's KBIS is a leader in the industry; until next year's update, I hope you've been inspired. NM, Xx.


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