A Recap of NM Interiors & BMO Stackt 2021 Design Trends


I was so very grateful to have been hosted by BMO Stackt this past April 10th via their online community seminars to share how this past year of pandemic living has influenced not only our lifestyles but in turn, our interior design choices. Being able to connect with so many virtually and offer insights, inspiration, tips and tricks of the trade taken from global factors, influenced from this challenging time to bring knowledge & practical living into your own homes for optimal living was such a joy for me.  

I was contacted by many on my social media channels who couldn't make it for some highlights. 

So here is a recap if you missed it!

The impact of more time spent indoors has equated to a number of influences,

Both Upsizing & Downsizing: Real estate had a short quiet moment and then turned up, setting record numbers for detached home sales & inventory especially. The reality being many people feeling the need for more green space and being able to work from home are moving further outside of the city to gain larger living spaces. For other's, low borrowing rates mean that it is an opportunity to purchase their first home.  On the other side of the spectrum is the unique opportunity in the marketplace for owner's of these larger properties to sell and downsize to smaller spaces sometimes being condos being at a different age and stage wanting to get back into the city versus being away.  Homes of all demographics and sizes look first at kitchens and bathrooms with appliances, technology and finishes being the main focus.

More Privacy Please!  Regardless of size, the preference toward open concept living has definitely taken a turn with more and more people working from home. The need for dedicated area to accomplish tasks and work in tandem with other's at the same time is more in demand.  Defined 'zones' and dedicated spots for certain tasks are being carved out whether it be designated rooms, adding sound absorption and/or privacy via decor and furnishings.

Renovation is on the Rise:  Innovation & Customization.  The home renovation segment has exploded, even as I work remotely I have never been so busy.  For many client's they do not care to move but rather improve the space they currently reside in.  A budget once allocated to travel entertainment can now be transferred over to that kitchen or bathroom renovation that never got done.  Adding storage and splurging on higher end finishes and appliances is the top trend I have seen. A shift to more organic, natural materials is what I have seen ever-present that I predict will continue on for years to come. Technology and automation is what everyone is looking to integrate into their homes.

Home Decor & DIY for ALL.  For almost everyone spending so much more time at home has meant feeling a bit uninspired within their four walls. Staying in is the new going out, so some new inpsiration has been sought after by many. One of the most frequent question's is how to achieve a quick refresh?  Paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve this.  Almost all paint suppliers who offer colour forecast trends have gone in an earthier , warmer direction then previous year's and this is welcome. Grey is being less and less requested and even when it is used, it has a much warmer undertone and mixed in with warmer counterpoints.  It is like we were in need of a giant hug for the year 2021.  Comfort is the word everyone is after and I am all for it.  Layering with wallpaper continues to be popular as well for DIY projects; the shift has moved into murals for feature walls and working with trimwork to inset the inlays that feature organic natural patterns. Botanicals are still strong however the patterns are one that some would call "granny chic". There continues to be lots of textural grasses and wovens coming back to that call to nature.  Storage and upcycling is another focus on DIY that seems to be on everyone's mind. I have reminded client's looking for DIY to visit Pinterest for inspiration and tips, you can find me there at nmid where I too pin away for inspiration. 

Exterior Landscape Changing Shape.  Especially in Canada where our seasons change, not only do we want to bring the outside in but we are also trying to extend our warmer weather as long as possible. I have collaborated more than ever with landscapers, pool specialists and exterior architects more than ever this past year.  Decks, pools, outdoor kitchens, sheds, condo balconies and edible gardens have all been top projects for exterior projects. It's all about extending our outdoor living and seasons.

Home Gym is the New Gym.  Our physical and mental health has become a priority at home. For many a membership to a gym or classes has changed. Outdoor activity has also become more limited. Requests to convert a spare room to a gym  or multi-purpose room has been quite popular with many client's purchasing a Peleton or Bowflex equipment. For other client's it was simple free weights or tools that can easily be stowed away.  Even integrating a quiet area or meditation corner is helpful to our well being and I'm so happy to be getting these requests.

I hope you find these trends insightful, you will find me on ig @ nm.interiors expanding on my work as a local interior designer in Toronto.   I look forward to my next adventure with BMO Stackt  until then, feel free to visit their LinkTree as the line-up for upcoming events is quite exciting. NM, Xx.




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