Tips for Creating a Stress Free Gallery Wall at Home

You had me at Hello!! This is how I feel about Gallery Walls.

After sharing a very personal one from a recent build project on my Instagram page {@ nm.interiors } featuring heirloom original art pieces, my inbox was full of questions.  I thought to myself I really should summarize my tried and true process of creating gallery walls to inspire if you've been thinking of creating your very own at home.  Here it is:

If you are looking for a little more, I also have an in-depth narrative 
 on my Gallery Wall How To's via:

The beauty of a gallery wall is that the possibilities feel endless. This is perhaps why I love them so much. Regardless of your space, budget or skill level there is a style that can work for you; it's simply a matter of discovering the best fit and following these 7 simple steps. 
Enjoy, Xx NM


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