Decorating with Warm Tones

Warmer palettes are making a comeback and I'm thrilled.  I recently shared a paint palette to compliment a gorgeous Magnolia Home rug by Loloi (Deven Collection in Sunset/Indigo) featured in my latest YouTube video talking Warm Design Tone Trends 

This blog post is a reference list of the paint swatches showcased in the video and mood board shared above for your reference. One pro-tip I actively recommend when working with clients is building up your room from the ground up whenever possible with furnishings first; finishing up with paint swatch tests on the walls as a final step.

Going through the process in this order will ensure you have navigated in a direction that evokes the desired mood that best suits all the elements of your space with everything in place. It takes the guess works out of the equation and often times eliminates the pitfalls of playing it safe if you had picked all your paint without having any furnishings or accents to go on.

My go to paint brand when conducting paint consultations is Benjamin Moore  given their quality of product with array of marketing tools and resources to envision what the paint will look like in the space.  Here is the list of my recommendations:

AF-60 Peau de Soie
AF-100 Pashmina
2122-40 Smoke 
AF-225 Firenze
AF-220 Masada
AF-235 Warmed Cognac*
*(As noted on YouTube not shown on mood board) 

I also have for you Farrow and Ball equivalents to the Benjamin Moore recommendations:

No. 2008 Dimity
No. 283 Drop Cloth
No. 205 Sky Light
No. 64 Red Earth 
No. 42  Picture Gallery Red 

In most scenarios I tend to prefer eggshell to matte formulas for walls with a flat for ceilings and a pearl to satin finish for easy care on trims and doors. One very luxurious option best applied by a professional would be lacquer if you were open to a more avant-garde design aesthetic. I also find lacquers or high gloss applications are best executed floor to ceiling in a consistent tone; shining best uninterrupted from breaks in contrasts for the most part given how reflective they can be.

One of the trends I am forecasting to compliment the warmer tone shift is trim moving away from typical white.  Nothing I love more surrounding trims of contrast on that fifth wall, the ceiling, is a focal point wallpaper.  The natural woven wallpapers featured in my YouTube video are all from  

Diamond Weave II Collection -  #4447 Savannah Sunset

Leo's Luxe Linens II -  #2231 Sunset Boulevard 

Sanctuary - #4585 Tranquility Blue
Another tip in working with your wall elevations is to integrate texture whenever possible with your windows. As a Hunter Douglas authorized dealer a great collection to achieve this would be with their Provenance Woven Woods Collection.  

Textiles bring in another dimension and opportunity to layer in comfort. Fabrics come in a variety of options, swatches as shown in YouTube from JF Fabrics

All the rich depth of colour and texture celebrated here can go beyond paint and wallpaper.  
I encourage you to bring these cozier vibes into your upholstery and accents to feel what a little warmth can do for the soul.  

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NM, Xx 


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